All of Products Are Made in Hawaii From Nature


We make natural, organic, non-GMO products.

The majority of our ingredients are sourced locally in Hawaii.  We also work with other organic farms on the mainland which have been carefully selected to meet our quality control requirements.

Our products may contain CBD flower, Medicinal Mushrooms and/or Medicinal Herbs which are infused in MCT/Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil and/or honey.

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What Our Customers Think

I had been bothered by a persistent rash on the back of my neck for about four months. After applying Apothecary 13 oil I noticed relief from the itching on the first day, with redness diminishing on the second day of application. By the fourth day the itchy rash was essentially gone, leaving just a patch of pink skin. To date, the rash has not returned.

Mary Fleming

I use Alan‘s pain formula whenever something hurts like my neck and shoulders or low back and other pulled muscles. Not only does it help lubricate while massaging a painful area, but it opens up the blood flow in the area and relieves the pain immediately. I feel good about the ingredients in the product and it gives me confidence that I can continue to work on myself when daily aches and pains pop up. I love the smell and I love the warming sensation! Thank you!I used Alan's Mushroom double extract number two. It has a really nice flavor with levels of complexity that wake up my taste buds, and I believe much more. I can feel my senses waking up I little bit more within minutes. There’s something pleasurable and uplifting about the feeling.  I begin to notice a little smile on the inside and stop looking for other substances to stimulate those senses. I feel like I’m doing something nice for myself, and that makes me feel good! Thank you!I had worked with a dermatologist To help cure a nasty, ongoing skin problem on the palm of my hand and another previously on the top of my foot. Both were reactions to rubber that had left the capillaries in the skin unable to hold the blood. When I used Alan's cream, immediately I felt a cool, calming sensation as it absorbed into the raw aggravated skin. After over a year of nursing this peeling, scabby wound on the palm of my hand, it was completely healed within one month of using Alan’s cream. I continue to use it on my face and hands and wherever I find dry, scaly skin. It works to nourish my skin whenever it takes a beating! And I’m not worried about losing the battle if I get another rub-in with rubber!

Thank you!

Margaret S

Keaau Hawaii


 I have been blessed to be a user of  The Apothecary 13 products from its birth. The products have provided me with everything from  pain relief to cellulite  reduction, and even  softer skin. My new favorite product is the Neuro Blend. As a person who has dealt with ADHD, with a touch of OCD, since childhood this product gives me the ability to completely stop, rest and relax. I found taking it at night let me decompress without being distracted by the things left undone.  I found I felt more focused the next day helping me become more productive with less loose ends. This is the first product I have taken that lets me just stop moving and relax my entire body.  I am forever grateful for all these products. 


Sara-Jean Moran

My cat had been not eating or drinking much and acting lethargic. The vet noticed tumors in the cat’s ears and provided medicine to be applied every other day, with little
noticeable improvement. I then tried the Apothecary 13 oil, applying a drop in each ear and one on her food. The cat has subsequently started eating and drinking, has put on weight, and seems to be recovering.

Mary Fleming

On May 17, 2022, I was a victim to head on collision caused by drunk driver who was also high on meth. I suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized for a week; my injuries were a broken wrist bone that broke out of my right hand, severely shredded ligaments in my right hand, fractured sternum, T10 compound fracture to my spine,  memory loss, multiple bruises to my neck, and legs. From these injuries, I have had constant pain in my hand and fingers, trouble sleeping, severe anxiety and triggers. After hearing my traumatic story and my struggle with my pain; Alan blessed me with the Pain Relief Salve and Neuro Support Plus- it’s been a month since using these products and I am able to tolerate the constant pressure and pain in my hand and fingers after I apply the salve. I take a dropper full of the Neuro Support in the morning; soon after, I am able to work and care for my granddaughter with energy and less brain fog. Mahalo Hawaiian Apothecary , you got a customer for life!

Shana Young